4 T Plus Gold

Available Pack Size :- 800ml, 900ml, 1 Ltr.


  • Superb shear stability can help resist viscosity shear down in high-performance engines and transmissions
  • Exceptional thermal stability can help resist oxidation and high-temperature degradation.
  • Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components.

ULTRA POWER 4T is a high motor cycle oil designed for on road high performance 4-stroke motorcycles. It is also engineered to help provide the proper fictional characteristics necessary for wet - clutch engine transmission systems. It has advanced additives which helps provide excellent wear and tear protection at high engine speeds. The unique, synthetic structure of the ULTRA POWER SYNTHETIC 4T motorcycle oil formulations offers advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosities.

Performance level: API SM-JASO MA 2

Characteristics Test Methods 20W-40 20W-50
Appearance Visual Red & Golden Red
Kinematic Viscosity at 100-C cST IS : 1448 : P-25 13.5-15.5 16.5-18.5
Viscosity Index, Min. IS : 1448 : P-59 120 120
Flash Point °C COC, Min. IS : 1448 : P-69 230 230
TBN gm KOH/gm IS : 1448 : P-86 7.0 7.0