Company Profile

Ultraa Power Lubricants was established in 2009. The company head office is situated in delhi and western office is in Mumbai. The overall marketing , advertising and day to day operational activities are managed from these two offices while the production and distribution is managed from our delhi facility. The company has 2 plants in delhi from where the products under the brand name of “ULTRAA POWER” are manufactured, packed and distributed all across the country. The company also has some other brands under the name of “Autorol”.

We at ULTRAA POWER LUBRICANTS aim to give our customers the best quality of lubricants to satisfy customers expectations, we work with sheer dedication and commitment to give our customers the best. Improvement and innovation are the main guiding principles of our organization. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. The combination of our skilled labour force and advanced machinery differentiates us from the rest. We don't boast, our products boast of our quality. All products meet the required technical specification. Our technical staff works continuously on research and development of products. All products after processing pass through a series of quality tests so that our customers get only the best. We have the best of people working with us who maintain the quality standards and this is something we boast of. We deliver what we promise.

All the products after processing and passing series of tests has to pass through the X -RAY eyes of our technical staff who finally approves the product . We have the base of thousands of satisfied customers all over India. The Automotive industry is dynamic now with regular innovation and development. The Technology is changing fast and rapid. In this competition, we have also adapted ourselves to changing Dynamics of automotive industry. We use latest and advanced equipments and machinery to give our customers the best automotive lubrication experience.